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“Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Technology and new media have fundamentally transformed not only our lifestyle but our brand experience. Brands that once competed only against each other in conventional marketing channels now compete against each message that reaches us, trying to take its place in our field of perception. Brands that want to survive the digital age must outpace the others and use tomorrow’s technologies to create valuable assets today.

In a digital world where everything connects to everything else, we believe worthwhile communication efforts require an interdisciplinary approach. To succeed in digital communications, it is not enough to increase your knowledge of the digital world. You have to feel the pulse of the consumer, know what’s happening in the market, the street, the social sharing sphere, design, art and the world at large. Essentially, you have to have a tight grasp on any variable that may affect communication.

Madebycat launched in 2007 with a strong founding team made up of experts with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and different communication disciplines, becoming one of the first agencies in Turkey to combine creativity with digital technologies. Since then, it has employed a range of innovative approaches, up-to-date strategies, modern designs and newly developed technologies to connect the brands it serves with their target audiences and help them acquire a competitive edge.

Today, as one of the most established agencies in Turkey, Madebycat has become the most valuable partner for brands working in the digital arena in this country, competing in an exciting race where it has no option other than to be the frontrunner. Its long-standing commitment to discipline and rigorous work ethic remain its core corporate values.



We combine research results, expertise and experience to translate our partners' needs into tangible roadmaps. We then develop creative, effective strategies to bridge the vast technological universe and connect brands to their target markets.


Since its inception, madebycat has conceived and developed world-class website designs for the brands it serves. The numerous web design awards madebycat has won testify to the key contributions in has made to Turkey’s web design sector.


As technological offerings expand and user expectations rise, we're working to stay ahead and gain insight into future innovations so that, in this dense digital world, we can provide our customers a competitive edge by developing robust, forward-thinking frameworks for their brands.


Within a few short years, 87 out of every 100 people with Internet access will be using mobile devices. For this reason, we pay special attention to mobile apps in devising our digital communication strategies, and we actively and creatively work to provide the greatest user experience possible.


We provide framework support and regular maintenance to optimize websites and ensure high search engine visibility. To cope with constantly changing variables and outperform our digital competition, we employ best-in-class practices.

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Huzur Mah. Maslak-Ayazağa Cad.
Uniq İstanbul Plaza No:4 Kat:3
B2 Blok Sarıyer/İstanbul

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