2021 Sustainability Report

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Global Investment Holding pursues sustainable growth with a diversified investment portfolio, adapting swiftly to evolving market conditions and leveraging the advantage of being an early mover, all underpinned by a commitment to effective risk analysis, market assessment, and corporate governance principles


Our Sustainability Approach

Since the first day of its establishment, Global Investment Holdings has contributed to the development of Turkish capital markets with its diversified and expanding portfolio and future-oriented investment approach that thrives on excellence.

Within the framework of our business strategy, we swiftly adapt to the continuously changing business environment and market conditions to take advantage of the attractive investment opportunities in growing sectors.

We not only evaluate investments made based on their economic success but also expect them to garner permanent results and create value for all our stakeholders. Accordingly, we evaluate the growth potential of the identified sectors through effective risk and market analysis tools and use the first-mover advantage. We manage all our decision-making processes and related work in line with our sustainability approach and corporate governance principles.


Our Sustainability Approach

Sustainability Management and the Duties and Working Principles of the Sustainability Committee


Carrying out our work on sustainability within the Global Yatırım Holding Anonim Şirketi (“Global Investment Holdings” or “GIH”), across areas involving social, corporate, and environmental management -including climate change; establishing a Sustainability Committee within the corporate structure by creating essential strategies, policies, targets and action plans; and determining a framework for authority, and the tasks and responsibilities for all the Company’s employees and departments.


The Sustainability Committee covers all processes relevant to GIH, as well as its managers and their employees, joint ventures, contractors, consultants, agencies acting on behalf of GIH; as well as all practices relevant to the suppliers’ sustainability rules and principles.


The Committee shall prepare sustainability and environmental strategies and policies to be integrated into the company’s structure, and submit them for the Board of Directors’ approval, It shall implement sustainability and environmental strategies and policies approved by the Board of Directors; determine and approve draft sustainability, and environmental objectives and targets, action plans, and related performance indicators to submit for the General Manager’s information,

Environmental Impact

Global climate change, rapid population increase, and shortage of natural resources are causing pressure on global markets. The private sector players shoulder the main responsibility in solving the global issues that have increasingly made their presence felt, especially since the industrial revolution


Our Work Life

We prioritize respect to human rights and diversity and inclusion in our approach to our employees. Based on the importance we place on equality in line with the United Nations Global Compact, to which we are a signatory, we refrain from any discrimination on the basis of race, religion, language, gender, etc. in hiring people or providing them with career opportunities. We work towards providing decent jobs and contributing to sustainable economic growth within the scope of Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Work Life

Community Relations

In line with our objective to rising while creating difference, we conduct our relations with the employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the local people in the regions in which we operate with an eye to having a positive effect on all our stakeholders.


Corporate Citizenship

Global Investment Holdings and its subsidiaries are committed to integrating social, environmental, ethical, and human rights concerns into the Group’s business operations.

Global Investment Holdings and its subsidiaries are committed to integrating social, environmental, ethical, and human rights concerns into the Group’s business operations and core strategy, in close collaboration with stakeholders and the communities where it operates.

The Company values philanthropic engagements that promote Turkey and improve the social, cultural and economic environment, benefiting the country and its citizens, both locally and nationally.

The Company’s sponsorship activities in 2020 continued to support sports, educational, charitable, cultural and social causes, and related projects and events.


Corporate Citizenship